Our Birthday Wish

Bring out the cake and candles because we’re ready to celebrate—it’s our birthday! (But really, we love any excuse for cake.)

25 years ago this year Summer Search was born in San Francisco (yup, way back in 1990). We’ve seen and done a lot in our first quarter century. Oh, the stories we could tell!

So we will.

Just launched is the Summer Search 25th Anniversary Timeline powered by The History Project, a company founded by a Summer Search alumnus (Niles, we’re so proud of you!). It showcases two and a half decades worth of stories, letters, photos, videos, quotes and more. It’s pretty cool and if you are a Summer Search student, parent, alumnus, donor, partner, staff member or friend, we invite you to contribute something to it.

We really want to create a vibrant and rich living history of Summer Search for all to enjoy. Videos are especially welcome! Create your own here (takes just 5 minutes!) and we’ll be sure to add it to the timeline. (Shout out to OneStory, a cool crowd-sourcing platform, for helping make video production as easy as 1…2…3)

So c’mon, take a trip down memory lane with us and become a contributor to our timeline.

That’s our birthday wish.

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