$25 for 25

Help us celebrate our 25th anniversary by making a small-dollar, big-impact investment in the next generation of college-educated leaders!

Since 1990, Summer Search has grown from a small office in San Francisco, serving just 14 low-income teenagers, to a national college success organization with offices in seven U.S. cities—Boston, New York City, Philadelphia, North Bay San Francisco, San Francisco, Seattle, Silicon Valley—serving 5,200 high school and college students nationwide.

Despite that success, we know we can do more.

As we look ahead to the next 25 years, we have three big goals that we want to achieve.

  1. Increase the number of students we serve. We know Summer Search works, and we need to share this magic with even more deserving young people.
  2. Improve our efforts at enrolling and retaining young men, particularly men of color. Statistics show that males struggle disproportionately to make it through high school and college.
  3. Continue to innovate to make the most of our resources and expand our reach and impact.

Support the next generation of college-educated leaders
For 25 years, our students have continually taken that courageous first step to learn something new about themselves and what their futures could hold.

Be a part of our (and their) future by making a gift of $25 today. #25for25

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