Now Departing: Summer Trips 2015

One of the cornerstones of the Summer Search model is, as our name suggests, our summer trips! We send our students on two challenging summer experiences during their sophomore and junior years of high school. These trips give our young travelers the chance to take healthy risks, develop their leadership skills and discover strength and confidence that they never knew they had. Basically, they find their inner superstar… and soar! #LifeChanging

Starting June 8, our students began departing on their 2015 summer trips. Here is a snapshot of our entire summer.

Top Domestic & International Destinations

Summer Trips 2015

State # of Students Country # of Students
Colorado 107 Costa Rica 79
California 97 Nicaragua 46
Maine 84 Peru 34
Wyoming 61 Dominican Republic 25
Minnesota 59 Mexico 22

What Will Our Students Be Doing This Summer?


Program Type # of Students % of Total
Wilderness 594 58%
Community Service & Cultural Immersion 290 28%
Academic 116 11%
Art, Music & Literature 16 2%
Language Study 6 1%

We wish our young superstars the best of luck as they embark on their summer adventures!

Strike a Pose
(Our superstars know how to pose!)

*Note: these numbers represent about 97% of completed student placements.

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