Press Play >> College Bound, Ep. 2

Last week, we debuted the first episode of our Press Play series, where a few Summer Search high school seniors sat down with their mentors to discuss the journey to becoming a college-bound leader.

Well, we’re back this week with College Bound, Episode 2! So once again, sit back, relax and press play:

Note: audio recordings have been edited for time.

Toni Ann and Naima

If you are having trouble playing the audio, try listening here.

When Summer Search New York City mentor Naima Fine Iles first met Toni Ann from Aviation High School, she saw that this was a girl with “huge goals and big dreams” and that there was “nothing that can stop her.”

We profiled Toni Ann’s first-generation journey to college back in December. At the time, she was waiting to hear back from the 15 colleges where she applied. Today, we are excited to report that Toni Ann has been accepted into five schools so far — the University of Maine, SUNY Buffalo, SUNY New Paltz, SUNY Polytech and Wilkes University in Pennsylvania. Unstoppable indeed!

Dennis and Curtis


If you are having trouble playing the audio, try listening here.

Dennis, from Tennyson High School in the San Francisco Bay Area, is “killing it” right now, according to his mentor Curtis Yancy, who is proud to see him become a happy and confident young man.

Dennis has been accepted by UC Berkeley, and is still waiting to hear from 12 other schools, including Yale, Stanford, UCLA, Bowdoin, Brown and Rice.

Dennis is also a recipient of the Horatio Alger Scholarship and is a Gates Millennium finalist. He will be following his older brother as the second person in his family to go to college.

Geni and Ben


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Geni is a senior at Novato High School in the North San Francisco Bay. Her mentor Ben Stevens describes her as being incredibly generous, trustworthy, hard-working and, as he uniquely puts it, “curious as all get-out.”

That curiosity and hard work have been on display in her college search as Geni has applied to a variety of different schools. As of today, she’s already been accepted into three CSUs, and is waiting to hear back from several UCs! Geni and her older brother are the first in their family to go to college.

Cesar and Erin


If you are having trouble playing the audio, try listening here.

Cesar is a leader at his high school, Olney Charter High School in Philadelphia, as the vice president of the senior class and a prominent voice of the student body. His mentor Erin Callison believes this deep involvement in his community has helped Cesar grow as a person.

He is also a leader in his own family, as the oldest of four siblings, and the first to blaze a college-bound trail. That path was made official when Cesar was accepted Early Decision to Franklin and Marshall College in Lancaster, PA! He was also recently awarded the Comcast Leaders and Achievers Scholarship.

Thanks for tuning in! If you missed our first round of student/mentor conversations, check out Episode One.

And, please consider helping Summer Search continue to support the journeys of our amazing college-bound leaders. You can make a gift, or write a note of encouragement to our students heading off to college in the comments below!


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