10 Things to Know About Our New CFO

Last month we welcomed David Crawford to the Summer Search team as our new Chief Financial Officer.

In between all of his on-boarding and helping us close out our fiscal year, David was kind enough to answer a few questions to help introduce himself to the Summer Search community. So, let’s get to know our new CFO.


1) Where are you from and where did you go to college?

I’m originally from Santa Barbara, CA. I received my bachelor’s degree in Economics from UC Berkeley and my MBA from the University of Michigan.

2) What drew you to Summer Search?

While at UC Berkeley, I experienced an awakening. There are real inequalities surrounding access to education in our communities. It motivated me to do my part in alleviating this disparity. Access to opportunity and education was critical to my formative years, and now I can give back in the same way that helped foster my success.

3) Which of Summer Search’s values do you identify with the most?

“Say thank you seven times.”

My nine-year-old son, Kyle, had a successful bone marrow transplant two years ago that cured him of a life-threatening disease. I’m consciously grateful every day for his outcome.

David, Kyle, and the rest of the Crawford family had the chance to meet Kyle’s bone marrow donor, Navy Lieutenant Kawika Segundo, and thank him in person at a ceremony organized by Be the Match in November 2015.

Watch the full video of the ceremony »

4) If you had to choose your ideal summer trip, which would you prefer (wilderness, academic, service, cultural immersion)?

Wilderness for sure. I’m an outdoor nut.

5) Where would you like to travel next and why?


Quintana Roo, Mexico. It has the largest aggregation of Whale Sharks in the world. I co-founded maralliance.org and am fascinated by marine megafauna.

6) If UC Berkeley and Michigan, your two alma maters, were playing each other, who would you root for?

For sure Cal! Sadly, college sports apathy sets in with graduate school.

7) Which talent would you most like to have (that you currently don’t)?

Dancing. I have no rhythm and it’s embarrassing in highly visible moments like weddings.


8) What is your personal motto?

“One Love.” I believe we are all connected.

9) Who are your heroes in fiction and real life?


Muhammad Ali, because he had such an impactful life.

As for my fictional hero, I would say Phineas from the TV show Phineas and Ferb. He’s an inquisitive risk taker and has a strong moral compass.

10) What do you consider your greatest achievement?

Managing my responsibilities as a father, husband, and employee during my son Kyle’s five-year illness.


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