Now Departing: 2018 Summer Travelers

Summer is here!

While the longest day of the year officially marks the beginning of the season, our summer started two weeks ago when our first group of amazing young people began embarking on their summer adventures.

Go Adventure Summer ExperienceSummer Search students on a summer experience with Go Adventure.

But these trips are hardly a “day at the beach,” despite what the wonderful moment captured above might indicate. These are challenging, learning-filled, and transformative journeys that test our students mentally and physically to help them develop the skills needed to succeed in school and in life.

Thanks to our dedicated staff and our incredible summer program partners, we are able to provide these life-changing opportunities to 1,015 students this summer! That takes a lot of coordination, hard work, and boots… So. Many. Boots.

Boots and summer equipmentHiking boots and other summer program equipment in the Summer Search New York City office.

What Will Our Students Be Doing This Summer?

From rock-climbing and rafting, to studying and serving communities, to performing and interning — you name it, Summer Searchers are doing it!

Summer Search and Global Glimpse in NicaraguaStudents on a community service program with Global Glimpse.

Program Type # of Students
Wilderness / Outdoor Adventure 522
Community Service & Cultural Immersion 294
Academic 89
Visual & Performing Arts 17
Internship 14

Top Domestic and International Destinations

We’re so fortune to partner with organizations and programs that take our students all over the country and the world. This allows our students to step outside of their comfort zones, some even leaving home for the first time, and develop the interpersonal skills needed to succeed throughout their educational journey.

SS-DeerHill-backpackingSummer Searchers backpacking with Deer Hill Expeditions.

State # of Students Country # of Students
Arizona 124 Dominican Republic 98
California 114 Costa Rica 65
Colorado 104 Ecuador 35
Maine 69 Mexico 10
Massachusetts 50 Belize 4

Words from Alumni

As we’ve been celebrating the beginning of our 2018 travel season on social media, a few of our awesome alumni have shared memories from their own summer experiences, and offered words of encouragement to this year’s cohort of Summer Searchers.

On Twitter, alumnus and Bay Area Alumni Board Chair Eddie Fernandez said that his summer trips were “Two of the greatest and most influential experiences in my life. Good luck to you all and can’t wait to hear all about your experiences. Thank you Summer Search!”

Boston alumnus Francisco Rodriguez commented on Instagram, saying “Still have my boots from 2005 that I still use — good luck to those heading out this summer!”

Francisco Instagram comment

Finally, Jazmin López, who is also from the Bay Area, showed her support to our traveling students on Facebook: “Good luck Summer Searchers!!!!! Don’t be afraid to take chances, allow yourself to be vulnerable, and learn from your peers. It will be a life-changing experience. I still remember my wilderness trip as if it was yesterday. Buena suerte!”

We couldn’t have said it better. Get ready world, our young leaders are coming!

SS-VOBS-riverStudents on a wilderness experience with Voyager Outward Bound School.

Summer program student numbers as of June 18, 2018.

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